Why Children Act Out More During Online Learning and What We Can Do About It

Arguments, crying, refusal to participate, and fear of being on camera are just a few of the problems parents and children face at home during distance learning. These daily struggles affect households worldwide as we venture to strike a balance between moving forward with everyday life and maintaining our safety. 

In this article I contributed to on Romper.com, we discuss why children act out more during online learning and what we can do about it.

Parents, children, and teachers are under an enormous amount of stress right now. Not only are we coping with distance learning and all the new challenges that it brings, but we are also scared of the virus, the economy, the political environment, and our livelihood. When humans feel threatened or vulnerable, it becomes impossible to perform at our highest ability due to our body’s stress response. So give yourself and your children some grace. We are all struggling. Take a read of the article above to learn how you can make distance learning more functional and less fuss for everyone in the family! 

If you are looking for ways to improve the emotional well-being of the children you love, please join us over in my private, safe, Facebook group, Emotiminds. It is a free resource and a community of like-minded caregivers, teachers, and mental health professionals, increasing emotional intelligence one connection at a time. We would love to have you! 

I am also the author of the children’s book, A Grandfamily for Sullivan. Sullivan is a young koala impacted by loss and trauma when he suddenly has to be raised by his grandmother. His story depicts how children cope with stress and what we can do to help them accept their emotions. You can watch me read the full book on my website bethtyson.com.

I wish you patience and resilience through the waves of life. Keep putting your best out into the world by learning and growing your emotional intelligence. 

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