Mom. Survivor. Advocate.

I am a healer, a helper, a mother, and a flawed human being who shares in the joys, fears, and sadness that we all experience. My personal and professional journey, shaped by encounters with trauma and loss, has transformed into a mission to educate others on supporting children in navigating adversity.

Beth's Story

When I was 26 years old, my mother, Joyce, passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. This traumatic experience deeply impacted me and significantly influenced the trajectory of my life. Through my personal journey and extensive therapy, I discovered a strong desire to support others who were grappling with the effects of trauma and loss.

While my mother’s death stands as the most profound tragedy in my life, I also encountered various ambiguous losses during my childhood. These experiences have shaped me into a fierce advocate for children in foster, kinship, and adoptive families—a warrior dedicated to their well-being.

As a psychotherapist, I initially worked with individuals on a one-on-one basis. However, I soon recognized that the issue at hand extended beyond the individual level—it was deeply rooted in our cultural and systemic structures. This realization prompted me to establish Beth Tyson Trauma Consulting, LLC, to disseminate my knowledge about children’s mental health to a wider audience. Through my training sessions and speaking events, I educate organizations and institutions about the profound impact of trauma and provide guidance on how to support children and families who are grappling with its effects.

Advocacy work

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for two children in the foster care system
CASA Advisory Council member
Co-chair of the Pennsylvanian Child Abuse Prevention Team
Board of Directors member for Grands Stepping Up, a non-profit serving kinship families
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