New Therapeutic Skills for Children Impacted by Trauma

In this 30 minute webinar, I introduce C.A.R.E.S, my new trauma-responsive model for building trust with children after trauma. I had the incredible opportunity to present with the dedicated team of advocates at The United Ways of California, and

The C.A.R.E.S model provides a step-by-step approach for gaining consent before attempting to co-regulate with an emotionally unregulated child.

In addition to C.A.R.E.S, I also share practical skills like “trigger mapping” and “mindset mountain” to help parents and professionals build trust and attachment with trauma-impacted youth. If you are struggling to help a child who is explosive, withdrawn, aggressive, anxious, angry, and depressed, there is hope! With the right tools and understanding of how trauma impacts a child’s developing brain, YOU can be the corrective emotional experience children need to succeed in life. 

There is no quick-fix for abuse, neglect, and grief, but together we can build a path in the darkness towards a brighter future for children who are in immense pain. I firmly believe we are not our labels, diagnoses, or disorders. We are human. Our reactions and responses are human, and all healing starts with trust and connection. Children need to feel to heal.

To learn more skills for improving children’s emotional health, please join my Facebook group, Emotiminds. It is a virtual classroom of like-minded parents and professionals sharing their skills to help children develop resiliency and well-being. We would love to have your perspective! 

For more FREE resources and articles on trauma-informed parenting, grief, and mental health, please visit my blog at


Beth Tyson, MA is a psychotherapist, children’s book author, and trauma-responsive care specialist. She has several years of experience as a clinician and an educator in the graduate program for counseling psychology at Eastern University. While working as a trauma and family therapist, she earned her certificate in adoption from Rutgers University. Beth is a CASA volunteer in Delaware County, PA and a Voices for Children Coalition partner, advocating for youth in the child welfare system.

In the last year Beth was featured on,, The United Ways of CA, RVN TV, BYU Radio, and others. She is also a trauma-responsive care educator to organizations around the globe.

Most recently Beth has taken on the role as the director and chair of the brand new trauma therapy clinic for Grands Stepping Up, a non-profit organization in Delaware County, PA that serves grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.

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