Video: How to Help Children Cope with Narcissistic Parents

A video on trauma-responsive and healing-centered care to help children cope with narcissistic/abusive parents.

Warning: I discuss general concepts around child abuse but don’t share any graphic details. This content is for adults only, and I don’t recommend listening to it out loud with children in the room.

As a trauma therapist, I worked with children who endured the worst suffering, abandonment, and abuse at the hands of their parents. In this 40-minute video, I share practical tips and psychoeducation to help you understand the mind of a child who has experienced abuse.

After viewing this video, you will know concrete steps you can take to help a child along their healing journey after developmental trauma.

You will gain insight into ambiguous loss, the role of cognitive dissonance, and a firm understanding of how childhood trauma impacts a family.

Beth Tyson Trauma Consulting offers expert guidance on trauma-responsive care and organizational practices. If you want additional education and training on any topics I discuss in this video, please get in touch with me at

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