Overcoming Trauma & Helping Children Cope with the Pandemic

Have you noticed a change in your child’s behavior recently? Due to the ongoing stress of the pandemic, and the civil unrest in our country, children’s mental health problems are skyrocketing. Although the evidence is not clear yet, it appears that suicidal events are on the rise for youth since the pandemic began. This is a lot to handle as a parent, teacher, or caregiver! What can we do to help children overcome these challenges and find their way through the darkness?

Please join us LIVE at 1:00 PM on Friday 2/12 to learn how you can help the children you adore through this collective, on-going trauma we are experiencing.

I will be interviewed by Carol Muleta, host of The Parenting 411 radio show. You can listen online or find the replay HERE – which I will also post on my facebook page Beth Tyson Trauma Care.

Carol is a parenting expert and advocate for children’s mental health. I’m so excited to share some unique and practical skills that will help children move forward and find peace within this turbulent storm.

Children may appear resilient when what we are actually witnessing is a trauma response called “fawning.” I will dive into this topic in more detail during our interview on Friday. I will also share my unique approach to trauma-informed care and how we can help our children rebuild their emotional well-being after extreme stress.

Covid-19 and the civil unrest in our nation is a collective trauma for all of us. Whether we see the symptoms now or in the future our children are being impacted by this. It is our responsibility as their protectors to learn how to support ourselves and our children. Nobody is going to do this work for us. We have a duty to educate ourselves so we can show up as the healthiest caregivers possible for our youth.

For more resources and to stay up-to-date on my free events, please join our private facebook group Emotiminds. We would love to have your insight and knowledge added to this supportive and loving group of parents and professionals.

Times are tough for everyone, but we must gain the knowledge that can help us all rise from the ashes of these unfortunate circumstances. I hope you will join us.

*For customized, live webinars on trauma-informed care or parenting please visit BethTyson.com to schedule a consultation. I am currently accepting clients for speaking events and group trainings on trauma-informed care to businesses, organizations, and families. My March openings are filling up, so please book early!

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